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About NAFA

NAFA, a Danish Academy of Science Education, supports motivating science teaching in lower secondary and primary schooling through improved science teaching at University Colleges level and school level.

NAFA’s program has a seven-year span (2021-2028). The focus during the first year is establishing and starting the program’s activities, while the last year has special focus on program completion and evaluation.

Lifting science teaching in Denmark is the vision and the focus is increasing children’s and young people’s interest and motivation and competences within science. The goal is to facilitate, that students within and beyond their education can translate science knowledge into actions that meet societal change, challenges and dilemmas.

Main goal

The central objective of NAFA is being addressed through three main ambitions:

  • That science teaching in teacher training will be systematically based on scientific and didactic knowledge as well as current experiences from practice.
  • That new sustainable models will be developed for improving skills in science subjects in primary school, which can be scaled in the form of a nationally coordinated approach.
  • That the necessary knowledge about science didactics has been produced, which in interaction with relevant science knowledge is translated into improved teaching practice.


To fulfil these ambitions, NAFA has established three nationally coordinated efforts:

  • An effort in teacher education to develop teaching through competence development of teacher educators in national and local professional learning communities (PLCs) and practical collaboration with partner schools development of teaching.
  • An effort in lower secondary and primary schooling aimed at developing and testing sustainable models for skills development in order to investigate which models for competency development that meets both the demand of municipalities and schools and at the same time ensure long-term anchoring of science related learning.
  • A research effort in the form of a Centre of Excellence in Science Education, CESE, which carries out research in connection with teacher training and school-oriented efforts to produce new and necessary knowledge.


I case you need to contact NAFA, please write us at NAFA@KP.DK